How Does Your Process Work?

After we receive your furniture, we take it apart to work on in pieces. Then we gently strip it (more on this below), clean, and wash it till as much of the original grain is exposed. Next we make any repairs necessary, including fabricating new parts, and sand it.

At this stage, we will call you to take a look at stain samples done directly on your piece, as well as different finishing options. Once you decide on a stain and finish, we’ll finish it and re-assemble it for delivery. We also polish and clean hardware, or replace it (you supply the new hardware). You’ll be kept in the loop throughout the process to ensure that its completed to your satisfaction.

Do You Charge By the Hour?
We have an hourly shop rate. We provide an estimate on the projected time and range of cost. During and afterward we give a full breakdown of hours for each step in restoring your furniture to it’s former glory.
Do You Do Commercial Work?

We certainly do. From churches to municipal governments, malls to hotels, we’ve worked with a number of high profile clients over the years to refinish, repair, and restore their pieces.

Do You Paint Furniture?

Yes, we do. We can paint furniture in a variety of different styles, from shabby chic and distressed to modern and clean. We use the most durable paints on the market to make sure that our pieces are made to last from one generation to the next. Please see our Instagram page for our latest painted projects.

Do You Refinish Teak?

Absolutely. We’ve refinished, repaired, and restored a number of teak sets over the years, and brought them back to their former glory.

Is Refinishing Eco-friendly?

It has less impact on the environment than buying a new piece. While we do use chemicals to strip furniture, we dispose of them safely. Crucially though, refinishing prevents a quality piece from winding up in a landfill.

Do You Repair Furniture?
We repair all wood furniture, including sofas and chairs. We are not able to repair MDF or particleboard furniture. We do not do upholstery.
Do You Offer Refinishing For Yachts, Boats, or Cars?
Indeed! We’ve worked on a number of boat projects over the years, from refinishing wood interiors, to building new tables and benches. We also refinish the wooden interiors of classic cars.
Do You Offer Veneer Repair?
Yes, we do. Depending on the size and type of veneer damage we can repair the existing veneer, or replace it if needed. Though we try to avoid replacing it at all costs.
Do You Repair Chairs?

We can repair all wooden chairs, rockers, arm-chairs, chaises, and other seated furniture. Please contact us for more information.

Do You Do Custom Colors?
Yes, we do. We work with a number of suppliers that can make any custom color.
Do You Offer Pick Up and Delivery?
Yes, we do offer pickup and delivery within the GTA. Please contact us for rates and availability.
Is Refinishing Expensive?
At first glance it may seem that way. But when you add up the cost of repeatedly buying new low-cost furniture versus refinishing a high quality piece once, refinishing it actually cheaper. And you get a more unique, personalized piece instead of a mass-produced piece. When you add in the environmental footprint of new manufactured pieces, refinishing is much more efficient.
Do You Offer Insurance Quotes?
Yes, we have done insurance claims in the past. Please let us know in advance, and we can prepare the paperwork for your insurance company. We also repair and refinish furniture damaged during moves.
Do You Offer Upholstery Repair?
We specialize in wood finishing and repair. We choose to leave upholstery to a specialist and can recommend a good upholsterer.
Do You Dip Furniture?
No, we do not dip furniture. Dipping is an outdated way of stripping and can damage furniture. We use a flow-over system and a tank to gently strip your furniture, removing the previous finish, stain, and dirt and leaving the wood intact.
Do You Use A Lacquer Finish?
We choose not to use lacquers for a number of reasons. First, because they are very toxic to work with. Second, because oil-based urethanes are more durable than most lacquers and easier to maintain.
Why Oil-Based Urethanes?
We’ve tested a lot of finishes over the years and found oil-based urethane to be the most durable. While water based urethane’s offer similar durability, oil and solvent based products cause the wood pop, giving it more of the much sought after “wet wood” look without too much sheen.
Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept cash, cheque, credit, debit, and e-transfers.
Do You Offer Low VOC Options?
We use a few other products, both paints and oils, that are rated as zero VOC.